School Bond Issue Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why do we need a bond issue?

School districts need bond issues to fund large capital projects. In the same way homeowners borrow money in the form of a mortgage to finance a new home, school districts borrow money to finance the design and construction of schools.

  1. Why is now the right time for a bond issue?

A new school and athletic stadium have been a vision of the Board of Education for many years. They spent years pursuing and acquiring an $8 million grant through the Gulf Coast Restoration Funds (BP Money) which was vital to closing the financial gap between what could be bonded and what was needed to complete the project. The district also acquired a prime, central location with adequate infrastructure to build with plenty of room for future expansion.

  1. What will the bond be used for?

The bond will be used to construct a new high school and an athletic stadium.

  1. What is the amount of the bond?

The Stone County School District is requesting $19,750,000 for this project.

  1. How much will my taxes go up?

For a home/property with an assessed value of $10,000, the increase would equate to approximately $120 per year. Broken down, that is .33 cents per day or $10 per month. Residents over 65 or 100% disabled are exempt on the first $7500.00 of the assessed value of their home.  Your car tag (ad valorem tax) will be based on the valuation of your vehicle.

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  1. When/Where will the election be held?

The election will be held on Tuesday, May 17th, 2022, from 7:00 a.m. to 7 p.m. at all local voting precincts. Absentee ballots will also be available. For a list/maps of the voting precincts please click here.

  1. What is the timeline for the new school and athletic stadium?

Based on the architect’s timeline, the new facilities would be completed in approximately 2½ years after the bond issue passes.

  1. Where will the new high school and athletic stadium be located?

The new high school and athletic stadium will be located on 85 acres of property directly behind Venture Church on Highway 49 South.

  1. Will the other schools be receiving improvements from this bond issue?

While the bond issue will only be used for the new construction, the other schools have proposed projects in place that will be paid for with ESSER funds, existing millage, and district maintenance funds. 

  1. Is the school/stadium being built to accommodate future growth?

Both the school and the stadium are being built with the expectation of growth within our county.

  1. Will other school sports be able to use the athletic stadium?

Yes, the stadium is designed to be utilized for soccer, track and field, band, cheer and football.

  1. Will admission to the stadium increase due to the cost of the stadium?

There will not be an increase due to the cost of the stadium.  However, there is always a chance of an increase due to the cost of operations or an increase as dictated by MHSAA.

  1. How many years remain on the current contract with MGCCC regarding use of their stadium?

MGCCC issues a contract for the use of their stadium on a year-to-year basis. The school district does not have a long-term contract with them.  The district will no longer need a contract once our stadium has been built.

  1. How will the old high school be used once the new one is built?

The middle school students and faculty will transition to the high school. This will be an upgrade for them:  more classrooms, bigger cafeteria, larger band and choir facilities, field house and practice field and a heated and cooled gymnasium. Stone Middle School will then become home to a pre-K program and a Boys and Girls Club. Both of these programs have been desperately needed by our students but have not been implemented because of the lack of space within the school system.  SMS would also house the Central Office for the district which is currently located in the old hospital on Critz Street.

  1. What will we do if the bond issue fails?

In the event that the bond issue fails, we will continue to use the existing buildings as we do now. District maintenance funds and current millage will be used to make necessary repairs by priority of need.