Bond Issue Work Session - January 3, 2022

On Monday, January 3, 2022, a special called Meeting of the Stone County School Board was held for a Bond Issue Work Session to address general procedures and the timeline related to issuing school bonds.  Attorney Jim Young of Young Law Group gave thorough oversight to the School Board and citizens of Stone County that attended this work session.

Mr. Young addressed several topics and timelines related to issuing a school bond which included:

·         Initial Planning and Public Input

·         Board Action to Initiate the Bond Process including the Adoption of a Resolution

·         Determining Location and Scheduling of the Election

·         Promoting the Bond Issue

·         Fiscal Responsibilities Related to a School Bond

The School Board members asked many questions to ensure clarity in the initial process and to determine next steps. 

The Stone County School Board selected January 27, 2022 to reconvene for a follow-up work session and agreed to identify two members per district to serve on a Steering Committee.  Together, the Steering Committee, district personnel and citizens of Stone County will work closely together in hopes of carrying out a successful bond campaign.