Hello Everyone,

Stone County Schools would sincerely appreciate your input concerning technologies you would like to see in use in the offices and classrooms of your school district. What additional services might we provide? What can we do to help you stay better connected with the staff and students? On the other hand, are there any services you are not happy with that might need to be re-evaluated in the near future? Any and all input will considered. Contact me and I will respond to your concerns and / or recommendations as quickly as possible. If you would rather chat in person please do not hesitate to contact me to schedule a meeting that is convenient for you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Chuck L. McGee Technology Director Stone County Schools 601-928-7247  ext. 1110 [email protected]

Order the latest version of MS. Office here! (Please read instructions listed below first)

To all employees who have been issued a school email address;

You may order the MS Office Suite via the link listed above. Procedures for ordering;

1.) Go to the link listed above and register for an online account using your school email address.

2.) Once registered you will be sent a verification email in order to verify your school email address. After clicking on the verification link your email address will be approved giving you access to log in to the order site.

3.) Make sure you are logged in using the computer you wish to install the MS. Office software on. Go back to the order site, ( click on the "Sign In" link and login using the username and password you selected when registering. 

4.) Once logged in you have access to order MS. Office Home and Business or MS. Office Pro Plus for a Windows or Mac machine. Make sure to choose the correct version. There are many other software choices as well.

5.) When checking out you will be given an option to purchase download protection for a few dollars more. I recommend doing this in case you have an issue with your computer in the future and need to reinstall your software.

6.) FYI... When you purchase the software you will be presented with a page containing your software registration code. This will be needed to install and activate the software. Print this page out and save it for future reference. This registration code will also be emailed to the address you provided when registering for your account. Your registration code will also be available via the "My Account" link at the top of the page after logging in.

Important! You are allowed to purchase only 1 copy of the software. Again, make sure you make the purchase using the computer you intend for the Office software to be installed on. You won't be able to transfer it to another machine after downloading it.

Students are not allowed to purchase this software. The offer is for faculty and staff of educational institutions only.

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