Mission Statement

Dedicated to the principles that “all students can learn”, the Stone County Board of Education, it’s employees, and the citizens of Stone County accept the responsibility and assume the obligation to provide excellence and equity in educational opportunity for their youth. Through appropriate curriculum, effective educational practice, sufficient funding, focused student effort, and assertive parent support, students will acquire:

  1. Knowledge, basic skills, and attitudes needed to function effectively as students and literate adults.
  2. Skills required to communicate effectively through reading, technology, computation, writing, speaking, listening, and the fine arts.
  3. Ability to reason, think independently and as members of a group, express responsible opinions, make decisions, solve problems, and develop a desire to conserve resources.
  4. Information needed to set goals, complete plans for continued education, make vocational choices, or acquire a marketable skill upon graduation.
  5. Knowledge and appreciation of the American system of government and its history.
  6. Respect for others with an appreciation for likenesses and differences.
  7. Habits of self-discipline, healthful living, and use of leisure time.
  8. Experiences of cooperation and competition through appropriate extracurricular activities.
  9. Common social interests and moral integrity to enhance quality of life and culture.

With the understanding that the curriculum, educational practices, and the use of district resources will be continuously evaluated and revised in the light of new information and availability of resources, this community commits itself to the opportunity and task of educating its youth. We seek what we value.